A love story. A comedy. Maybe neither. 

Written and performed by Jacob Lovick and Vita Fox

“an innovative and charming piece that guarantees the audience laughs and silliness.” Redbrick

Eva is a stand-up comedian.
James is head-writer for hit Channel 6 sitcom ‘Flat Pancake’.
Their relationship is hilarious. So hilarious, in fact, that it’s falling apart. And there’s nothing funny about that.

Today, Eva faces the gig of all gigs, and James has to stop her, because this time all the jokes are about him.

“Go see this play whenever and wherever it is performed.” BrumRadio

Wings is a comedy about love / a love story about comedy. This is the most you’ll laugh while having your heart broken. Or vice versa.

“Rich and buttery theatre” Adam Carver – SHOUT Festival

Check out our Spotify playlist based on the show! It’s full of bangers.


“A triumph of a first show” Jacob Standbridge – Yes And, Minister

We meet Eva Thomas, a stand-up comedian, an hour before an important gig. All of Eva’s best material is about her boyfriend, James, and their relationship.
As Eva rehearses her stand-up set, she is interrupted by fragmented memories of her time with James, and the audience sees snapshots of the arguments which fuel her creativity.

The play is an episodic, broken timeline of the break down of their relationship. It’s a sad sketch-show. It’s the shadow side of a stand-up set. It’s the reality behind comedy. So if you like improv, stand-up, sketches, love stories, or all four, then this is for you. This is all four. If you’ve ever wanted to see the secret conversations that go on in comedians’ homes, and see how far someone will go to make people laugh, then come see Wings

“The most hilarious, flawless, thoughtful & lovely night”
Rachel Thomas – 7th Sense Theatre Company)


Spectacularly hilarious improvisation between the two performers […] a delight to behold […] Jacob and Vita were naturally at home in the comedic moments but also showed real depth in the more emotional parts of the piece.” BrumRadio

The seamless two-man show/sketch toys with the boundaries of human vulnerability in the arts […] the most progressive element of the play’s narrative are the peaks and troughs in the two comedians’ relationship, challenging gendered dynamics, humility and sacrifice, all within the confines of this hour-long comedy sketch. […] one cannot help but smile at the slowly disintegrating yet hilarious relationship of James and Eva. There is a brief touching on the role of feminism and gender in comedy and the creative industry, which is very fitting to the narrative of a successful female comedian and the sensitivities of a male performer also. The highlighting of masculine vulnerability was a relevant social comment on our predominantly male comedic landscape today.” Redbrick

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