Who We Are

“an exciting company to watch for future creations.” Redbrick
We are a UK-based theatre company dedicated to making the most of the moment, to being where you’re being, and making you feel good for showing up tonight.
We like to take a couple of contrasting genres and smash them together to see what happens.
We bring out the comedy in tragedy and the tragedy in comedy.
Sometimes we’ll do a Shakespeare play in a nightclub as a rock gig.
Sometimes we’ll do a comedy that will make you cry, and sometimes we’ll do a tragedy that’ll make you laugh.
Sometimes we’ll do something silly about serious things. Like maths.
Sometimes we’ll have live music, or movement, or improvisation, or all three, or something else.
Generally what’s important is that it’s live. And it’s silly and fun. It’s important you showed up tonight because it’s different every night.
Happenchance, as a word, is sometimes defined as luck, and sometimes defined as fate. Which is weird, because luck and fate are opposing ideas. Is it destined to happen, is it meant? Or is it spontaneous, is it thrown together? Happily, with happenchance, it’s both.


Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 15.54.26
The audience are brought onto the dance floor to party with the cast. Romeo & Juliet (2016)

For regular updates on our shows, events and opportunities, fill in the form below to contact us or be added to our mailing list. You can also email us at info@happenchancetheatre.co.uk, and find us on Facebook at /happenchancetheatre, and on Twitter @happenchancers.


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